I’ve been a lifelong Kohli critic. And when I engage in cricket gupshup with my circle, I am unequivocal about it. I’m quick to be frustrated looking at his repetitive dismissals owing to the tentativeness outside the off-stump, edging it to the slips and also prompt enough to mock his…

Only 1 thing changed from my previous visit in 2018

Year of Major life change

The What:
In keeping with my annual tradition [been successfully following it since 2018 now], I have spent couple days at the start of new year taking stock of the things I’ve done and missed over the past 12 months.

The Why:
I look at this annual exercise as a way…

I tried to profile the speed of itertools vs for loop using python's `timeit` module.


The results were disappointing.


$ python3 itertools_vs_for.py

------------For loop timeit-------------


------------itertool timeit-------------



Note - timeit function runs it for default 1000000 times.


Can dreams be lived, relived, stored or shared?

🕐 Year 2045. 📍Location: The Venetian, Las Vegas. We, me and my extended family, are celebrating my 50th birthday anniversary in an unusual fashion: gambling. My granny just doubled the one grand that she put on red [in Roulette]. We aren’t really…

Chaitanya Prakash Bapat

Music, Sports and Data. Engineer @ Facebook | Apache committer @ Apache MXNet | Ex- Amazon | GaTech

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